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Flight to world cup possible with payday loans

Since they graduated from University in 2000, it has been a bit of a tradition for my twin brothers to go to at least one USA match during the World Cup. This World Cup they managed to get tickets for USA’s final first round match against Slovenia.

Unfortunately, the only seats they could get on both the outward and return flights were in Business Class. This obliterated their savings and left them with no funds for their accommodation. Normally they would just have paid for the hotel using their credit cards but at the time their cards were pretty much maxed out as they had not long returned from a stag do in Ibiza.

In order to pay for their flights, they each took out a pay day loan. USA payday loan companies now offer a service where you can apply entirely on-line by simply completing an application form and uploading your supporting documents such as ID and payslips. Of course there is still the option of faxing your application form if you prefer. My brothers used both methods as one had access to his PC and was able to do everything on-line whilst the other completed the form using his iphone and faxed his documents from the pub! They both got pretty instantaneous replies informing them that their loans had been approved and that the money would be in their accounts the next day.

Each of their loans was automatically repaid on the very same days as their salaries were paid into their bank accounts without them having to do a thing.

They flew out to South Africa on Sunday and are looking forward to USA’s match this afternoon. Fingers crossed USA’s performance won’t lead to the crowds booing them off the pitch as they did when they played Algeria otherwise my brothers will be inconsolable! Come on USA!!!

The twins were astounded at the speed of the process and the fact that no credit check was required for this type of loan.

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