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The recent grounding of flights in and out of the USA due to the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland left people stranded in their holiday resorts. For many this was simply an inconvenience as their holiday or credit card insurance covered all their subsequent expenses but others found themsleves without the appropriate cover and had to fund their extended stays themselves.

Commonly people save all year to go on holiday for a week or two. It is therefore not surprising that an unforseen extension of an additional week or two meant that by the time holiday makers were finally able to fly back to the USA, large numbers of them had run out of money.

It can be daunting when there are no funds in your account and yet all your monthly bills are due to be paid. It’s particularly frustrating when you know that once your salary hits your account, everything will be OK. It’s those few days or weeks in the interim that are the problem.

This is where online pay day loans come into their own. They offer short-term loans which are basically an advance on your salary. As soon as your next salary payment is made you then repay the total loan amount. This avoids getting into long-term debt whilst resolving your immediate cash problems.

The application process is quick and easy as everything can be done online, you don’t even need a fax machine. Online payday loan lenders will normally respond to you with their decision within the hour and if you are approved your account will be credited with the full loan amount within 24 hours.

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